JavaScript Hardware Night

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 @ 6:30 pm EDT

On Wednesday, September 17th, we are having a JavaScript Hardware Night. Bring your JavaScript powered hardware projects and share them with the group (if you like). Bring stuff to hack on and bring your ideas.

  • Scott Preston will be bringing his robots.
  • Doug Reeder is planning something with the Connect SDK.
  • Guy Royse will share his work with Johnny Five, the Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Keith McCanless might even have a JS Hardware talk prepared (hint, hint) around the Beaglebone.

The format will be loose. People who want to share their ideas will be given a screen to do it on. If you just want to hack, then pair up with some buddies and have at it.

Doug Reeder

Scott Preston

Keith McCanless