June 17, 2020 – Jackie Gleason

🤖 Robotics + Node

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We live in a builder’s paradise, a world of 3d printers and massive batteries. One where amazing products such as Arduino and Raspberry PI provide amazing abilities. Now imagine doing all of this in Javascript! We will use Node to call native C modules that can communicate directly to GPIO pins. We will also look at how libraries such as node-serial can be used to easily communicate with Arduinos and other platforms. All of this will follow the pi-serial-example github project. So join us and learn how to embrace our robotic overlords.

July 15, 2020 – Justin James

🗣 Cypress: Where Automated Web UI Testing Isn’t Just for QA Anymore

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Today’s fast-moving software delivery environment emphasizes pushing value to production as quickly as possible. “Value to production” implicitly requires high quality—low quality is of little value to anyone! —which means teams need to focus on being able to specify, build, test, and deploy software effectively and quickly. Acceptance testing historically been manually intensive efforts run by a dedicated QA department, resulting in a slower pace of production releases.

No longer do we have to make acceptance a manual effort that requires a dedicated QA department. With the release of Cypress, we have a new standard in front-end testing that allows every developer to create acceptance tests. Come learn how you can create fast, easy, and reliable test for anything that runs in a browser regardless of the front-end framework used.

You will walk away ready to end the era of “Developers don’t write acceptance tests” and start writing acceptance tests for all of your projects.

Justin James

Amplifying Your Voice, Message and Authority.

Justin James is the founder of Let Your Nerd Be Heard where he is hired by Nerdy Entrepreneurs to amplify their voice, message and authority so they are seen as the expert that they are in order to create a legacy, make a massive difference in people’s lives and generate more income. Justin is also the host of the Let Your Nerd Be Heard Show, the creator of the Ultimate Presentation Formula for Nerds, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, an Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author, an International Public Speaker and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Developer Technologies.

August 19, 2020 – Ryan Lanciaux

🎤 You might not need Webpack

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Webpack is an excellent tool for bundling web applications for the browser. The advancements that bundling a web application unlocked propelled frontend applications to where they are today. If you’re building a production application with JavaScript, it’s very likely you’re using Webpack. But what if you could ship your applications without using a bundler? What if you could write applications with better performance and less developer overhead?

In this talk we’ll Explore Snowpack — an exciting tool that lets web developers “Bundle because you want to, not because you need to.” We’ll see how we can write applications using modern, ECMAScript Modules (ESM) natively in the web without a build step. From there, we’ll add more advanced tooling like TypeScript and light bundle step. At the end of this talk, you’ll be a bit more familiar with some of the native browser capabilities for modern JavaScript and some of the performance implications that bundlers can have on our apps.