September 20, 2017 – Doug Reeder

Service Workers for Better UX

Not just for offline, Service Workers allow your web app to give a snappy response and predictable behavior, so your web app “feels like an app” to your more-satisfied users.

Doug Reeder works at Chase as a software engineer.

October 18, 2017 – Jon Kruger

A Lap Around React and Angular 2

React and Angular 2 are getting a lot of buzz these days, but how do you decide which one to use? I took a small Rails app that I have in production and rewrote it using both Angular 2 and React. I’ll show you the code for the different versions, which will cover project setup, routing, validation, view syntax, JSX, handling query string parameters, managing state, Redux, Redux reducers, hot reloading, and testing. I’ll go over some pros and cons and things I like/don’t like that might help you decide which way to go.