October 18, 2017 – Jon Kruger

A Lap Around React and Angular 2

React and Angular 2 are getting a lot of buzz these days, but how do you decide which one to use? I took a small Rails app that I have in production and rewrote it using both Angular 2 and React. I’ll show you the code for the different versions, which will cover project setup, routing, validation, view syntax, JSX, handling query string parameters, managing state, Redux, Redux reducers, hot reloading, and testing. I’ll go over some pros and cons and things I like/don’t like that might help you decide which way to go.

November 15, 2017 – Stephen Cavaliere

Deployed in 60 Seconds: Up and Running Quickly with the Angular CLI

Have you ever wanted to get started with an Angular application? Have you struggled with where to go next after you cloned one of the many seed projects? Look no further! This talk will cover the official Angular CLI which will create a production-ready single page application with just a few commands. From generating a skeleton project to deploying to production, the CLI is with you every step of the way. Come see why the CLI is becoming the tool to use to build your Angular projects.

Stephen Cavaliere is a Senior Software Engineer at Pillar Technology. He is also a consultant, speaker, and mentor. Hacking since 2004 and working professionally since 2010, Stephen loves to find ways to make things better with code.

Currently, he has a passion for all things Angular. You can see that in his contributions to the Angular CLI, where he is consistently working to improve the user experience. While not behind a computer, Stephen can be found spending time at dog parks with his dog, Zeke.