July 16, 2014 – Craig McKeachie & Jan Milosh

How to Learn JavaScript Frameworks Quickly - AngularJS, Backbone, Ember and Prerender.io

The key to quickly learning JavaScript MV* Frameworks is to break them down into a series of features. The main features of an MV* application are routing, data binding, templates/views, models, and data storage. In this talk, I’ll describe these main features and show code examples from two or three frameworks for each feature. You will begin to concretely understand what these frameworks are trying to help you accomplish and realize they are more alike than they are different. In fact, it becomes apparent that most of the frameworks borrow heavily from the successes of the others.

About the Speaker:

Craig McKeachie is the author of the JavaScript Framework Guide and the host of the podcast frontendcast.com. His blog is at funnyant.com where he writes with a JavaScript and front-end development focus.

Topics are:

Jan Milosh: Prerender.io

Prerender slides can be found at janmilosh.github.io/prerender-talk.

Craig McKeachie: How to Learn JavaScript Frameworks Quickly - AngularJS, Backbone, Ember

Many copies of Craig’s new book JavaScript Framework Guide - AngularJS, Backbone, Ember: Confidently Choosing and Quickly Learning will be given away at the talk so be sure to attend this one.