🎤 Jake Witcher: It’s Endomorphin' Time! Exploring Function Composition in JavaScript

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm EDT

Functional programming is a powerful design pattern for software development and is gaining momentum in the JavaScript community. Whether you are completely new to functional programming or have read introductory material on the subject and have begun to use the basics, you will eventually find yourself asking, “What next?” This session will introduce function composition in JavaScript as a design pattern and as a problem solving tool. You will learn two of the most important tools for composition — curry and compose — discovering what they are and how they can be used to write modular functions. By slowly building on a single code example, this session will demonstrate the common thread of composition in functional programming, from piecing together simple functions to utilizing functors for even greater composability. If you want to dive deeper into functional programming, it’s time to embrace function composition!

Cross disciplinary, immersive learning has been a lifelong passion for Jake Witcher. In June of 2018, at age 36, he wrote his first few lines of JavaScript and 10 months later he began his new career as an Associate Software Developer at Callibrity. While new to software, Jake is no stranger to tinkering with new ideas, crafts, or skillsets and has degrees in both Fine Arts and Religion. He is a writer, a speaker, and a functional programming enthusiast. Jake and his wife live in Cincinnati where they homeschool their two children.